Sunday, March 9, 2014

a little update

Yesterday marked 32 weeks! It's hard to believe that just six weeks from now, we will be making last minute preparations for the babies...if they don't come before then, of course. We had a growth ultrasound this past Monday and everything looked great. The babies are four pounds each, placing them in the 63rd percentile (for a singleton at this gestation). They did all of the little "tricks" the tech wanted them to do - practice breathing, big movement, little movement, etc.

The only bummer is that Baby A (the one who's lowest in my abdomen and will be born first if it's a vaginal birth) is breech. I've really been hoping to avoid a c-section but each day that goes by without that baby flipping makes it less and less likely that my wish for a vaginal birth will come true. Since my last post about birthing twins, I have been doing lots of research. Many of you have been excellent resources for me, and I've also found quite a few knowledgeable women on Facebook who have shared from their wisdom and experience. Thanks to all of you for your help! I'm trying not to feel like it was all wasted energy if I just end up having to have a c-section. Plus, there is still some time for the baby to turn. Come on baby!!

This pregnancy has been so much fun. The babies have been very active, and it's a thrill every single time they move. It's also been fun to plan for the twins - from names to the nursery - we've really been enjoying this adventure and are starting to get so excited for the real adventure to begin when we welcome these children into the world. Although I have to say that I feel so very unprepared...especially if they're boys. We have about five articles of clothing that they'll have to share between them. We have no bedding. We have maybe two bottles. We do have our carseats, a double stroller, and a twin nursing pillow (a gift from a college friend and twin mom). Point is - we have some shopping and setting up to do. Plus, I have three or four books that I want to read before they get here - books about nursing twins, getting twins to sleep, etc. It's highly unlikely that I'll actually finish these books, but I'm going to try.

As fun as all of this is, I have to be honest. These babies are taking quite a toll on me physically. I got plantar fasciitis in my foot a couple weeks ago. It was so painful to walk, but I'm learning that wearing tennis shoes around the house makes a world of difference. I recently developed carpal tunnel in my arm, so it's often painful and tingly. I have a mystery muscle problem in my upper abdomen. It feels like a pulled muscle but worse. I'm still dealing with restless leg syndrome at night, although not every night, so that's a big improvement. My head cold came back for the third time, so I'm coughing a lot, my voice comes and goes, and I can't breathe through my nose. Carrying around fifty extra pounds makes everything more difficult and exhausting.  And speaking of exhaustion, my longest chunk of sleep in the past two weeks was two and a half hours. Then there's back pain, that random sick-to-my-stomach feeling, and the overall swelling...not to mention the stuff...that I don't really want to mention. When I read through all of this, I have to laugh! Every week it's something new, but as the next discomfort arises, an existing one often goes away...or at least I get used to it. 

Harriet is getting pretty excited for her little siblings to arrive. The other day in the car, she said, "Mom, I need some babies so I can be a big sister!" She often hugs and kisses my belly and says, "I love my babies." Yesterday, she decided that the babies needed a little extra pizzazz. I'll leave you with some pictures of her artwork. 

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