Friday, December 26, 2014

a timely opportunity

I never thought this would happen, but it did. I just got my first real writing job! I'm so excited and pretty nervous too. I will be writing four to eight blog posts per month for a website called And they're going to pay me real money! This opportunity couldn't have come at a better time. Andrew is going back to school in May to become a nurse anesthetist. This is going to be a grueling academic commitment and we doubt that he will be able to work much, if at all. I work less than ten hours per week and for now, it's not realistic for me to add any more hours. So we will likely be living on student loans for the next two and a half years. We've been saving and preparing for this for over a year now, but it's still going to be quite a stretch financially. So the fact that I can write these blog posts and make a bit of money while the kids are napping is a massive blessing.

But I can't do this without you. I need your help. In order to keep my job with, my posts need to generate 5,000 views per month. And every month, the top three writers with the most views earn bonuses...significant bonuses that would make a world of difference for us while Andrew is in school. 

Here's how you can help me out...

"Like" my blog on Facebook. I will be linking to all of my posts there, so they will show up in your newsfeed and you can click, click, click away from there. There's a little Facebook "like" box on the righthand side of this page, so you can do it now!

Ask your friends to like my blog on Facebook. Go to my blog's Facebook page and on the lefthand side, there's a spot where you can invite your friends to "like" it. This would be a HUGE help. The more "likes" I have on Facebook, the more people will see me posts and click on them.

Share my posts. I would be overjoyed if you'd share my posts via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and any other social media you like to use. Every time it's shared, it means more clicks on my posts.

Pray. This is a big blessing and it comes with big responsibilities. Please pray that I will somehow be able to find the time, energy and creativity to write good stuff for and for this blog as well. Most importantly, please pray that God will use my words to encourage parents who are feeling overwhelmed, alone, confused, or empty.

Thanks in advance, friends. Every single click means so much to me. Every single prayer means all the more. I appreciate you all a great deal.


  1. How exciting! I will spread the news :-)

  2. Good for you sweet friend! I hate that some of the commenting "relationship" dies with sites like, but I'm excited for this opportunity for you!

    Kudos to Andrew for going back to school! I know that can't be an easy choice!

  3. Ahhh, congrats on this opportunity! It's amazing how things fall into place sometimes with perfect timing as Andrew heads back to school. Now....I wish you the best of luck with those nap times so that you can get your writing done! I find nap times to be challenging in my house lately. Sigh. lol

  4. congrats!! I'll make sure and do the above :)

  5. you know you can put adsense on blogs and earn money from the clicks. Just fyi

  6. Congratulations! That is wonderful news. I've already liked your facebook page and will be sharing it - I know of a few friends who would really enjoy your writing. I'll pray that God blesses you and others through this amazing opportunity!

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